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Everything Pays Off

The storm hit with a rough wind and huge drops of rain, which became so strong that they hit him on the face and on the naked body, as evil wasp with a wet bite. On the top of that, this picture was completed by the dreaded crash of lightening. The lightening aimed straight at him. He through the metal detector away and he shrank under a bush. In this situation he shouldn’t look for a shelter under big trees. He had taken away from the car in searching for valuable coins. He was working on the reaped field which had a slope northwest. On the bottom corner of the field there was a ravine with a small water spring. A forest, called “Tserako” was across the field. He understood it stops raining when birds started singing in the woods. Somehow they always sensed the end of the rain while it was still raining, and they sang.

He couldn’t continue digging anymore because there was too much mud out there. He took his metal detector and went to the car.

The car was an old Ford diesel, which was named the “dead” because years ago it was supposed to be in an auto morgue. But the “dead” was refusing to have a rest. With minor repairs, with parts from the auto morgues, the man was driving it to his permanent destinations – for fishing and coins. The “dead” was standing in the middle of the field under an enormous oak tree, covered with leaves and twigs after the rain. The car would start because it was old but faithful.

He decided to eat something. He opened the luggage – carrier and took a bag out.From the bag he took out a piece of dried up homemade cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and chilly peppers. For only ten minutes he fed well and lighted a cigarette. He was smoking with deep breaths. Nicotine and tar were burning his lungs in a very pleasant way. His look stopped on the metal detector – it was made by his classmate who was good at electronics. It was specially protected from entering water inside it but it would hardly withstand such strong drench. The man decided to try. He heart the typical sound when he turned it on.He move away from the car and made the necessary movements without even thinking. The metal detector not only worked, but reported a strong color signal near the tree. He thought it was a cover from a jar. Surely the villagers have had lunch under the ancient tree. However, he decided to dig it out. Because of the dense crown of the tree the ground below was not so wet. On thirty centimeters he didn’t find anything. The object was deeper. This was a sign it may have left from ancient times. He continued digging, making the hole larger. He understood it was large and colorful and he was very careful not to destroy it with the spade.Finally, he took it out. It was a piece of sheet iron with size 20 x 30 centimeters He cleaned it with the water which he used for drinking and oh my God! It was an icon.One of the oldest icons in the whole world. God knows how it got here. It cost millions.
He became sweaty although he was not hot. It was something that happens once in life. He was a millionaire or dead treasure - hunter (if he was found by Gangsters), or fucked up (if he was found by the government).
He disassembled the metal detector and buried it into the hole.After that he put leaves and grass to hide it. If the cops stopped him and see the metal detector they will look everywhere inside the car.The icon was wrapped into a greasy clout and he put it in the chest behind with the countless instruments.

He turned on the “dead” and set off. He wanted to go home in the afternoon before racketeers from the Police came out.

He arrived without any problems. His wife found out that he has changed and asked:

-What happened?

-Oh, nothing.

He couldn’t tell her about what have happened. She would probably tell it to someone else.
He didn’t sleep all night. He was thinking what to do.At last, at 7 a.m. he made the decision and he felt relieved.

“This is an icon “–he though. “And where is the right place for the icons? In the church”

He stood up, turned on the car and went to the nearest monastery. He made an anonymous donation, went back home and slept until the evening.

On the next day he saw it on the television. People from the whole country were going to see it and he felt happy. He had held it in his arms and he had slept with it.

After three months in the late Sunday evening he was sitting on the computer he was doing something, immersed in his thoughts.His wife was making a dinner.He suddenly shouted:
-I knew it! I knew it! God paid me!
-You are insane!

-Am I insane?
And he waved a slip from the lottery in front her face.
-Check it!

She sat down. After checking the slip she became pale. They had won the jackpot. It was enormous.

She only said:
-Tell me what did he pay you?

-Well, we both know...

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