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The Wolves And The Fake Witnesses

Since the beginning of march it was incredibly severe winter that year. The snow was half meter high, it was cold and the wind, which old people called Gornyaka, was blowing. Probably the name came from the fact it was coming from the forest. It was not the best weather for going out, but still in those days we put the horse to the sled and we drove around the village. While we were passing by the center of the village, uncle Mitko Elenkov stopped us.

- Hey, boys, wait! Do you want to do something tomorrow morning?

- What it is about?

- Tomorrow, I won't come to your street - it is too sheer and the road is not clear.

- Ok. Tomorrow morning I am a witness to a case in the town. I have to go to see the lawyer earlier. Will you drive me with the sled and after that bring me back? After that we will eat something and we will drink wine. Is it ok?

- Ok, no problem.

- Can you come tomorrow at 5 a.m. I want to be there on time.

- Ok, but now we will leave you here.

In the morning my brother and I woke up at 4.30 a.m. We took a cold mekitsa( batter fried in deep oil) left from the previous day and we went to put the horse to the sled. At five o'clock we were at the right place where we agreed to meet. There were 14 kilometers down the hill left. The passenger was there, waiting for us.

Everything was normal for an hour until we heart them. The wolves. The howling came from our right side from a higher place. The horse became nervous. Although horses have small ears they have incredibly acute ear.

After a while the howling stopped, we calmed down and we continued with the sled.

- Hey, brother! Look! There is a silhouette of a dog... looks like a wolf.

I looked and I felt sick. Under the bright moon there was a wolf, and it was not alone, behind it there were another ten, probably eleven silhouettes. They were 25 meters from us at most. The horse began to snort and it tear downhill at a mad pace. I was trying to stop it, but it disobeyed me. I imagined what would happen if the sled turns upside down. The wolves separated - two of them were running behind the sled, and the rest ten were running beside the sled, on the both sides. They were hunting, and we were the prey. We did not have sticks or knives. Nothing!

I don't know how scared we were, but uncle Mitko started repeating:

- God, please help me stay alive. I will tell the truth.

- What truth, uncle Mitko?

- I promised to forswear. If I survive, I will tell the truth.

We were coming closer to town, if the wolves did not make their move soon, they were going to leave us alone. Fortunately, that happened. In the town, while the witness was in court, we went shopping and we bought a big knife. I still keep it. We were going to kill the wolves.

In fact, during the day there were cars and lorries on the road, not many, but enough. We didn't believe that wolves were going to attack us again.

We saw Mitko at 10.30 a.m. We went to a pub. He opened an envelope, tear it open, read the content of it and put it back in his pocket. He had sworn false. My brother looked at the wristwatch and said:

- We have to go home on time, the wolves may prowl for a prey.

- Well, you may go, I will come with the bus in 2 p.m. Come at my place in the evening.
We were on our way. On the road my brother said:

- If Mitko was with us, I was going to through it out from the sled. We would win - he would be dead and the wolves wouldn't touch us.

In the evening we didn't go to his place. We had wine. Besides, we gave him away to our grandmother. We wanted all the people in the village to know what kind of person he is.

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